6 Dogs in Guinness World Records [COOOOL!!]

For thousands of years we have loved and known all about our dogs..  But did you know that dogs made their way to Guinness Book too?  COOL!!!

1. Oldest Dog – An Australian cattle dog named “Bluey” that live for 29 years. WOW!

Source: workingmates

2. Earliest Dog in Space –  In 1957 “Laika” was on board on a Russian shuttle Sputnik 2 travel into space.   Way cooler than regular people! LOL!

Source: space

3. Longest Tongue Ever – A 43 cm. tongue recorded as the longest tongue ever belongs to a Boxer dog named “Brandy”.  Holy-!

Source: pawbuzz

4. Longest Ears –  “Tigger” a bloodhound owns the record for having the longest ears with 34.9 cm.  OMG!

Source: telegraph

5. Tallest Dog Ever – A 43 inches Great Dane called “Giant George” is the tallest dog ever.   AMAAAAZING!

Source: thesun

6. Smallest Living Dog Ever – The smallest dog in terms of height is a long hair chihuahua named “Boo Boo” with a measurement of 4 inches.  AWEE!!

Source: dailymail

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