6 Reasons Why You’ll HATE and LOVE Dachshunds

Dachshunds can make you experience all the best and worst of being a dog owner! Here are 6 reasons why you’ll LOVE them but HATE them at the same time!  When reality of Dachshund servitude strikes!

1.  Dachshunds are attention seekers.  They eat up your time and patience.  But give them some of your attention and they’ll give it back in a seven-fold.  

source: pinterest

2.  Dachshunds love to jump practically all over the place, you’ll be stressed thinking about their fragile spines!  But they also love to jump to you, the person they love unconditionally!  

source:  imgur

3.  Dachshunds are stubborn and not easy to train. But after passing this stage, they are the sweetest and most lovable breed ever!  

source:  petfans

4.  Dachshunds keep on barking.  They can be noisy, but they are good at warning you if someone is outside the house.  

source: flickr

5.  Dachshunds live to eat.  You’ll be shocked at how much you have spent on dog food! They’ll teach you the importance of diet and control. 

source: petmd

6. Dachshunds are manipulative!  They’ll use their cuteness to make you do things you probably don’t want to. You’ll realize how strong you stick to your guns! 

source: pinterest

But despite all these, you still own a Dachshund and know that you will not replace them over any other dog breed!

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