6-Step Weight Loss Program for Dachshunds

Most of the pet owners usually spoil their canine friends with extra food, cookies and treats which can increase their weight considerably. An overweight dog is neither healthy nor useful for his owner.

Dachshunds, in particular, are very prone to overweight and can lead to other  health problems including diabetes, heart problems, fatigue and even cancer. A few tips for successful dachshund weight loss are provided here for your guidance:

1. Know the reason of obesity.  This is usually related to their improper nutrition like overeating or metabolic reasons. If you are not certain about the obesity of your dachshunds then you can know it through a few tests like rib test and weight test.

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2. Consult your veterinary doctor. After confirming the obesity of your dachshund, you should consult your veterinary doctor to know how to improve his metabolism by changing his diet.

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3. Observe the changes in weight. You should make a record of the kind of food provided to your dachshund along with the exercises done by him and its effect on his weight. It will help you in knowing the most effective weight loss diet for your dog.

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4. Avoid adding treats to the diet.  Treats and foods from your dining table have lots of calories that can increase the weight of your dog. Don’t give into the temptation when they are making the give-me-more-treats-face! 

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5. Motivate your dachshund for regular exercise.  You can help your dachshund in reducing his overweight by motivating him and providing support for regular exercises.  You can not only improve the muscles and metabolism of your dog through exercises but also reduce his weight considerably.  

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6. Make a weight chart of your dog. You should weigh your dachshund at least once a week and prepare a chart to compare it in the subsequent weeks. In this way you can observe the progress of your efforts on the overweight of your dog.

Here is an inspirational story that shows Obesity can be overcome!!

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