6 Things That Could Save Your Dog’s Life in an Emergency

As much as we want what’s safe and best for our dogs, we cannot deny the fact that there are things that we cannot control and it may result to some injuries. But knowing what to do in an emergency could save your pet’s life. So here’s a list on what to do when being faced by a sudden situation.

1. First ensure the safety of yourself and others. Keep calm and assess the situation before acting. Injured animals are frightened and in pain and may try to bite anyone who touches them.

Source: examiner

2. Contact the vet. Keep your vet’s phone number for easy access. Also, Keep your pen and paper ready for some first aid instructions. 

Source: petdisasterplan

3. If there is a risk of biting, put a muzzle on the dog, or wrap tape around the nose and tie behind the ears, unless the dog has difficulty breathing. Small dogs may be restrained by putting a thick towel over their heads.

Source: fordogtrainers

4. Never give human medicines to a dog. Many will do more harm than good. Do not offer food or drink in case anaesthetic is needed.

Source: do0gsworld101

5. Drive carefully going to the vet.

Source: breckenridgeanimalclinic

6. If you do get bitten, see your doctor.

Source: leeburg

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