6 Things Veterinarians Hate About Dog Owners

Here’s a the list of every veterinarian’s reason for irritation when a dog owner arrives at their clinic.

1. Waiting too Long to Seek Help.

When a dog owner arrives with their dog nearly dead.

2. Not Listening.

When a veterinarian talks about the dog’s disease and how to manage it. But the owner insists on what he’s researched in Google.

3. Forgets to tell you Their Dog Bites.

When a dog almost mauls a veterinarian to death and the dog owner says Oh! i forgot, my dog doesn’t like strangers.

4. Having to Handle the Owner to Handle the Dog.

When a veterinarian gives too much effort teaching the dog owner rather than handling the dog itself.

5. Person who brings Dog in Knows Nothing.

When a veterinarian tries to get the history of medical illness of the dog but the dog owner just stares back and knows nothing.

6. Cell Phone use.

When a dog owner is using cellphone while the veterinarian was talking and giving important instructions about their dog.

Source: theilovedogssite

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