6 Thoughts on Dog Training

A well-trained dog is by far a happier dog because a trained dog requires fewer restrictions. The more reliable the dog, the more freedom he is given. Also, he receives more attention and interaction from family members, relatives and visitors.

1. Owners with 3 or more dogs were more likely to have socialized their dog dog when it was a puppy. Proof that they can live harmoniously.

Source: bawapetshop

2. “Sit” is the most well-known command with 9 out of 10 dogs knowing how to put their bums on the floor when told.

Source: bearsdendogtrainingclub

3. 99.5% of owners think that rewarding good behavior is most effective when training.

Source: frrpd

4. 94% of people do at least some of their training with their dogs at home.

Source: pawsintraining

5. 96% of owners that went to socialization when it was a puppy found their dogs easy to train.

Source: dailydachshundanddognews

6. There are 7 out of 10 dog owners think their dogs are better trained than those belonging to other people.

Source: fl-k9campers

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