6 Types Of People You Meet At The Dog Park

There are a lot of benefits taking our dogs to parks but there are those people who are frequently in dog parks that get on peoples nerves. Have they no sense of dog park etiquette.

Here are 6 types of people at the dog park that really annoy the everyday dog lover. Please don’t be one of them!

1. Nose on the phone. The apathetic dog owner with always in their phone completely ignoring their dogs pleas for attention. They just bring their dog to the park just for the sake of taking them there. 

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2. Dismissive Owner. The owner who seems to be oblivious that their dog is running around and picking fights with other dogs in the park. When you mention it they go “Oh, don’t worry, they’re just playing”.

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3. Poops Away. That owner who always seems to look away when their dog is pooping.

Source: miniaustralianshepherd

4. The know it all owner. You may be at the park just enjoying the day with your dog, then suddenly one owner bragging and started lecturing about what your dog should have, should do and everything else. 

Source: examiner

5. Chatty chatty. There’s no quiet time, this person only seems interested in talking your ear off when you just want to play fetch with your pup.

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6. Instagram-A-Lot-Owner. The owner totally pre-occupied with taking the perfect dog park photo with their dog, you know, rather than letting the dog enjoy some nice off-leash time.

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