6 Useful Tips in Training Your Pitbull

Pitbulls are smart dogs. While they could be stubborn sometimes, they may be very receptive to training. Pit bulls are willing to please and can respond to positive reinforcement perfectly. Pitbull training should begin in early stages  before they reach 6 months.  Here’s how:

1. Praise should be earned. Constantly praising your Pitbull is really a bad idea. During the the training, praise should only be offered when the dog learns something new.

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2. Avoid aggression. Your dog can get habitual of applying his aggressive behavior in every situation because he learns that all he needs to do is bark to stop you from doing what he doesn’t like.  It’s time to show your dog that you are the boss in every situation!

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3. Toys Should Be Earned. Use of toys all the time can result in excitement and loss of control. It is suggested to make use of toys as a reward AFTER the training and just let your pet use one toy at any given time.

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4. Set the feeding times. Adhering to regular and strict feeding times is really important. Some dogs are crazy for food, and if you are the one who provides it, you actually show you are the master of their world.

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5. Don’t allow high places.  Dogs naturally feel more aggressive and dominant when on higher places so keeping him on the lower level not just keeps your home tidy but keeps your dog obedient too. Your dog must not be permitted to hop on your bed or couch until you ask.

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6. Make your dog earn freedom. An additional way to keep control whilst keeping a greater degree of obedience is using freedom as a reward. Dog will soon learn that good behavior generally results in larger freedom.

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