6 Vegetables To Improve Dogs Health

It is very important to know all means and ways to improve our dog’s health. Plus, it is practical if it is both human and dog friendly. So you and your dog can be fit and healthy at the same time!

1. Carrots. Contains beta-carotine that nourishes the optic nerve and promote good visual health.

Source: youtube

2. Broccoli. Nutrient-rich and contain cancer-fighting properties. Also features sulforphane which helps boost the immune system.

Source: dogfancast

3. Celery. Helps to improve heart health and reduce cancer rates.

Source: candogseat

4. Green Beans. Improves blood fat levels and protects against oxygen damage.

Source: cristyscreations4fun

5. Spinach. Helps ward off inflammation and cardiovascular problems.

Source: pinterest

6. Pumpkin. Improves intestinal health especially in dogs who suffer from digestion problems.

Source: doggiedoor


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