6 Ways We Treat Small Dogs Differently With Large Dogs

Small dogs, medium-sized dog, large dogs . . . It doesn’t matter.  Dogs believe they are the human’s pack leader.

All dogs belong to the same type of animal, a mammal of the Canidae family, of the order Carnivora: Canis lupus familiaris, which is a domesticated subspecies of the wolf. Commonly referred to as a canine, they have instincts that need to be fulfilled in order to be happy and balanced.

Although small dogs to large dogs are all in the same species, humans tend to treat them differently.  Here are some activities where discrimination is so blatantly real, its funny!


1. JUMPING.  This dog is looking down on you. But humans would think,

Large dog:  This behavior needs to be corrected!


Small dog:  How cute!  This little dog likes me!


2. GROWLING:  This is to display dominance. But humans would think,

Large dog: OMG scary!  That dog has to stop.


Small dog: That’s just what dogs do.


3.  AGGRESSION:  This is pent up energy.  But humans would think,

Large dog:  We have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Small dog:  Please don’t get near the dog when it is acting like that.


4. WALKING: When dogs pull the leash and walk in front, but humans would think,

Large dog: Are you trying to drag me across the pavement?  Let’s teach this dog to properly walk.


Small dog:  What’s the harm? The dog is not strong enough to knock a person down and you know you have a good grip on the lead, right?


5. SLEEPING: In the dog world, the pack leader sleeps in the highest (height-wise), most comfortable place.want to sleep atis so dogs can rest. But humans would think,

Large dog:  No, you’re not allowed here in bed!


Small dog: Let me carry you to my bed and sleep on my pillow, you little cutie!


6. NERVOUSNESS: When dogs appear scared, nervous, stressed, or otherwise upset in any way, but humans would think,

Large dog:  Pet them, stroke their coats, and talk to them in a soothing manner. We tell them everything is OK.


Small dogs:  Do the same to them, but even more!


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