7 Amazing Facts: Dog VS Human Anatomy!

Human-Dog relationship has been stabilized over 100, 000 years ago and bonds are like no other! But have your ever wondered what anatomical differences and similarities there are between us and our dogs? You’ll be amazed!

1. Tongue – Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds clustered around the tip of the canine tongue. While the average human has 10,000 taste buds however they are not all in the tongue. Some are under the tongue and some are inside the cheek.

dog tongue

2. Bones – Dogs has around 320 bones in its body (depending on the tail/dew claws), while a human has a total of 206 bones.


3. Digestive Tract – Dogs have a digestive tract of approximately 3 times their length and a strong stomach acid of pH 1-2. Human have a digestive tract length of around 30 ft.  with a stomach acid oh pH 1.5-3.5.

11076948_10203725309995446_1649801370_n 11082832_10203725309955445_1735221296_n

4. Digestion Process – In raw foods, dogs stomach takes 4-6 hrs to digest while dry food takes 10-12 hrs in the stomach. Humans take 1-2 hrs to digest foods in the stomach.

dog food

5. Vision – dogs have a total visual fields of 250 degrees while humans have a total visual fields of only 180 degrees.

dog eyes

6. Sleeping Pattern – Dogs sleep for a total of 12 hrs per day while humans sleep 7-9 hours.

dog sleep

7. Pregnancy – An average canine pregnancy last 63 days (2 months) while human pregnancy last for 266 days (9 months).

dog pregnant



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