7 Body Languages When Dogs Want to Bite

Many painful and traumatic dog bites can be prevented if people learn to read a dog’s body language.

1. He is not yawning because he is tired. He is anxious and he wants you to leave him alone.

Source: puppytales

2. Her tail is high, her body is stiff, and her mouth is closed, it really means “Back Off”.

Source: wikipedia

3. A tail tucked in even if wagging a bit, he is a worried dog. Better not provoke him!

Source: itzarion

4. The tongue flick and the slow tail wag mean this dog is unsure so “better go away!”

Source: haikudeck

5. The turning away of their head it means avoiding conflict. 

Source: hqbullies

6. The half-moon eye and a closed mouth tells you that this dogs is uncomfortable.

Source: dogspuppiesforsale

7. The freeze and stare is the most dangerous sign. It will surely bite if you still insist.

Source: dogspedia

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