7 Crucial Facts About Your Canine’s Canines

Dental health is the most forgotten part of dog’s health, yet it is the most crucial part because a lot of dog’s health problem are coming or originated from a simple dental problem. Know these facts and save your dog from any further serious complications.

1. Dogs have 42 teeth & puppies have 28 teeth. 

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2. Two-thirds a dog’s tooth is under the gumline,  which means dental disease can live where you can’t see it. 

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3. By age three, 80% of dogs will have some sort of dental disease. 

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4. Build up of tartar & plaque are causes of periodontal disease.

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5. 2 out of 3 dog owners do not provide the necessary dental care a dog needs.


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6. “Doggy Breath” could be the first sign of a serious dental problem. 

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7. Chewing is both a mental and physical exercise that releases endorphins which makes your dog feels good. 

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