7 Dangerous Things Children Do To Dogs

Children and Dogs look so cute together but there are things that children do to dogs that are not only stupid, but could cause a hazardous situation.  Teach your kids the proper way to show affection that both parties can enjoy.

1. Wake Them. Nobody wants to be wrestled from a deep sleep right? Not even dogs.  Startling a dog who was sleeping can result in a bite.

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2. Pull the ears or tails. A child that pulls on a dog is liable to get bit, while the dog is just trying to defend itself or thinks the child wants to engage in a wrestling match. Just watch how dogs play with each other.

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3. Steal toys or food.  Dogs can guard their belongings and will growl or snap if someone tries to take them.

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4. Run & scream. Dogs not only have sensitive hearing, but many breeds have high prey drive. A small, running and screaming child looks an awful lot like prey to a dog.

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5. Come up from behind.  Teach your child to approach a dog from the front and slowly so as not to startle them into biting.


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6. Drag them by the leash. Not only can this cause harm to your puppy and make them fear the leash, it can cause them to bite your child the next time they try to leash them.

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7. Touch their head roughly. Most children go straight to the head when it comes to petting dogs. There are not many dogs who will tolerate this nicely.

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It is best if our dogs and our kids know how to behave nicely around each other!

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