7 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Their Fellow Dogs

Some dogs think of nothing but food. Some dogs put priority to their sleep. Some dogs love other dogs.  But there are some dogs simply prefer human companionship, but they don’t necessarily have to be dog aggressive.  They just enjoy being petted, fed, and cooed!  Take these human-worshiping dogs to a dog park and they’ll be begging you to come home so they can avoid other dogs chasing and humping them! ROFL!!


Here are dog breeds that lean more on the human-loving side rather than their furry fellows.

1.  German Shepherd  – They are intelligent and loyal – so loyal that they always want to stick next to you! Although they think that romping with their fellows every now and then is not so bad too.


2. Beagle  – They’ll see you as the leader of their life.  Beagles have really sensitive noses and are known for their hunting skills.  ecause they’re often on the hunt for a good sniffing trail, trips to the dog park might not prove to be entirely social – unless they find a human with treats in their pockets.


3.  Australian Shepherd  – They are food driven and are highly motivated to work.  They also love children, who can keep up with their energy!


4. Maltese  – They, and other small breeds,  prefer the comfort of a warm pillow and constant petting.  When at the dog park, it usually takes time for them before they will roam around – and check back to you every other minute!


5. Great Dane  – They are eager to please and super calm, Danes are super affectionate and love leaning in on their families for love and attention. Plus, they don’t know their so large, they think they are lap dogs too!


6. Collie –  They would do anything to make humans happy and safe! It is a no surprise that they are family dogs instead of working dogs.


7.  Bulldog  – They are very very  friendly, people-pleasing, patient and mellow.  They are also meaty and heavy breathing, so they may not always enjoy the long rough play dates at the dog park.  They would rather be right beside you enjoying Netflix.


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