7 Dogs That Will Inspire You Despite Their Physical Disability

Disabilities are not a hindrance to happiness. This has been proven by seven dogs who have been through a lot but remained happy. They remind us that once you see beyond what is normally perceived, happiness can truly be achieved.

1.  A dachshund on a wheel chair who’s brave to fight.

Source: instagram

2. A three-legged Labrador remains to be man’s bestfriend.

3. A blind bulldog who looks at life through rose-colored glasses.

Source: reddit

4. Being special doesn’t restrict this German Shepherd from playing around.

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5. You can stop being sad when this blind Golden Retriever flashes his smile.

Source: dailymail

6. Being a Boxer born in half doesn’t mean only half the fun.

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7. He may not be complete but this Rottweiler is bionic.

Source: dailymail