7 Facts from the Chihuahua’s Breed Profile

It’s about time to know the basics of our cute and cuddly little furry chihuahuas.

1. Chihuahuas originated in Northwestern Mexico and were discovered by American tourists.

Source: bellassparkle

2. Those dogs were used by Mexicans specially in religious ceremonies.

Source: irresistiblepets

3. Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed among all existing dog breed.

Source: mydogneeds

4. Chihuahuas comes in both long and short-haired coats and also possesses almost all color patterns.

Source: pets4homes

5. Chihuahuas have a high ratio for C-sections. Their small size becomes the biggest hurdle for them while giving birth.

Source: famouschihuahua

6. Chihuahuas are considered sacred by the Aztec and Toltec Tribes.

Source: mychihuahuadog

7. Chihuahuas can become feisty without proper socialization and training.

Source: chihuahuarescue

8. Chihuahuas love warm weather.

Source: pinterest

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