7 Famous Dogs That Stand Out From The Pack

We might think that all dogs are the same, and one is not distinct from another. But these dogs show what it takes to stand out from the pack, either by sheer luck or pure skill. Here are dogs that are famous throughout history.

1. The red-haired-dachshund and his owner Jack Black.

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2. Oselle the yellow Labrador who became famous after the 9/11 attacks for saving his master. Though he died in the process, his efforts are to be remembered for the generations to come.

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3. Large, an English bulldog owned by the legend himself Michael Jackson.

4. Renn, a Golden Retriever owned by the famous Hollywood couple – Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

5. Rin tin, a Hollywood star during the World War I has made numerous movies before his death in 1932.

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6. The Boxer dog refers to the general breed infamous for the bloody sport of hound fighting.

7. AKIRA VOM GROSSEN, a famous Rottweiler for having the highest of pedigree.

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