7 Funny Dachshunds Taking A Selfie

Dogs can take selfies too! And these Doxies are too cute for selfies!   Look at what happens when they take a hold of your cellphone cameras!

1.”1 2 3 Smile!”

Source: imgur

2. “Oh! Its me, I just thought I saw an angel!”

Source: pinterest

3.”That sweet smile!”

Source: imgur

4.”This is what you called the wacky post!”

Source: everyonelovesdachshunds

5. “Selfie with my bestfriends buddy”

Source: photobucket

6. “Oooohhh Too much awwesome!”

Source: barkpost

7. “I’m going to sleep but first, let me take a selfie!”

Source: twitter

Dachshunds are the Selfie Queens and Selfie Lords!

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