7 Funny Dogs’ Reaction on Neutering

Spaying and neutering: So many misconceptions roaming around!  But today, we will not argue about how good nor bad neutering and spaying is.  This is about dogs’ different funny reaction after their balls were cut off.  Their reactions are so Hilarious!!

1. That look in their face that’s both afraid of going to vet and cuteness being combined.

Source: doglistener

2. That reaction when they’re the first one who got to cut their balls off among the others.

Source: 2nerd

3. That face of being grateful for having his ball cut off is so sweet!

Source: pinterest

4. That surprised look after waking up from the vet after being neutered is so priceless!

Source: pinterest

5. That moment when they keep on looking for their balls but couldn’t find it. LOL

Source: funnyasduck

6. That vengeful look with a little cuteness is so lovely.

Source: shameddog

7. That moment when they’re still wishing for their balls to come back.

Source: cheezburger

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