7 Labradors Who Love To Eat Pizza More Than You Do

Anyone Loves to eat pizza. I mean, who wouldn’t right? Pizza is like the international food – you won’t be going where there is no pizza! There’s Italian Pizza, New York Pizza, Japanese Pizza and Pizza that has been customized for people from different taste cultures.  Can you imagine a world without pizza?

That goes to say that these naughty Labradors  would do anything for a slice of heaven in a box.

1. “I’m sorry I thought it was just one slice.”

Source: ozythelabrador

2. “I was just looking for some midnight snack and poof i found pizza!”

Source: dogshaming

3. “I deliver pizza and get pizza for free!”

Source: pinterest

4. “I was just trying to reheat the pizza so that i can give it to mom!”

Source: dogshaming

5. “That box of pizza makes you mad. You should not eat it!”

Source: goodreads

6. “I was just trying to check if there’s a bomb!”

Source: pinterest

7. “Feed me that pizza human. Feed me!”

Source: wikipedia

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