7 Photos of Dogs Enjoying the Outdoors

When the sun is out and the weather is fine, nothing is better than to spend the days basking in the glorious sun. What better way to spend it than enjoying the sun with the company of your canine pals? Take a look at these photos of dogs enjoying the heavens, the sea, and all that is in between.

1. The Dachshund paddle. Rocking the boat a kayak at a time.

2. The Labrador shuffle…to stay and smell the flowers.

Source: pinterest

3. The Bulldog commando who is ready for an adventure.

Source: flickr

4. The Shepherd peripheral. As far as the eyes can see is my scratch post.

5. The Retriever’s sunset. Something out of a film…the ruffless romantic.

6. The boxer asks…can I eatzz that flower?

7. The rottweiler’s stealth… can the owner still see me?

Source: pinterest