7 Photos of Lazy Dogs

When we think of our pet dogs, the first thing that comes into mind is their boundless energies and never ending supply of fervor that would leave you tired and breathless. But that is not entirely the case. Here are 7 photos of dogs who get lazy sometimes.

1. This crazy Dachshund who’s like us on Mondays.

Source: dogshaming

2. The Labrador finding a new way to take a walk.

Source: studentedge

3. The Bulldog who just wants to let it hang.

4. The German Shepherd who’s too cool for school.

Source: hubpages

5. The Golden Retriever who wants to melt through the carpet.

6. The Boxer dog who is crazy comfortable in the couch.

Source: pinterest

7. The Rottweiler who’s even too lazy to put food in its mouth.