7 Proof That Boxers Are The Friendliest

A Boxer’s square face, sad mouth and droopy eyes may look to you like they are grumpy or having no care for the world.  But all those looks just adds to their cuteness! Read through the lines because actions speak louder than words, or rather Actions Speak Louder Than Looks. LOL!

Here is proof that Boxers are actually really nice to their fellas:

1. “You look like you need a dance partner!” 

Source: pinterest

2. “Wanna get inside for an afternoon tea?”

Source: aplacetolovedogs

3. “I snuggle with kitties, yes.”

Source: petmeds

4.  “It’s ok now buddy, I’m here to protect you!” 

Source: freewebs

5.  “I promise I’ll come back for you everyday.” 

Source: hdwalls

6. Hey bro,  I think I saw something crawling behind you!” 

Source: dailymail

7.  I love Bunnies.” 

Source: hdwallpaper

What is good is beautiful!  

Having a Kind Heart makes Boxer dogs our favorite! 

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