7 Proof That German Shepherds Can Be Naughty and Nice

German Shepherds are very easy to train.  We try to teach them to do good things but never the naughty deeds.  Why not watch them do the things that we taught them and allow them to be naughty,  the result will make them the funniest dog ever!  You’ll be dumbstruck at the mean things they could do! ROFL!!

1. Using the bathroom properly and cleaning the handle with their tongue.

Source: gifaknet

2. Sharing their food but not to children.

Source: roseynews

3. Freeing the caged one so that they can play together.

Source: barkpost

4. Cuddles and cleans cat for free

Source: googleplus

5. Being patient while playing rough with the young one. 

Source: gifsec

6. Cleaning the front yard while playing.

Source: imgur

7. Play roughly with the kid thinking that he is one of the pack.

Source: slowrobot

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