7 Queer Habits Of A Labrador

Labrador Retrievers are naturally the most adorable and the sweetest! But there are other traits that we need to know about them, you will be totally shocked at how queer they are! MORE REASONS TO LOVE THEM!!

As fans to Labradors, maybe you must have noticed some of these quirks:

1. They usually eat in piles, they are born that way.  

Source: funnypics

2. They have arachnophobia, fear of a spider.  

Source: pinterest

3. They act like a baby when on your lap.

Source: funnypictures

4. They baby sit anyone, even Cheetahs. 

Source: earthporn

5. They can’t sleep soundly without hugging someone.


Source: aplacetolovedogs

6. They are strong baby magnets! 

Source: pinterest

7. They play in piles too!

Source: gamespot

Source: pinterest

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