7 Quick Tests For A Healthy Dog

A simple 7 point inspection from tip-to-tail to make sure your dog is Puurrffffectly healthy!

1. Healthy ears will be clean, free of debris and odorless.

Source: glogster

2. Hair should be clean, full and unmatted. Check for lumps, bumps, lesions, wounds and bugs especially in summer.

Source: mybuzzblog

3. Eyes should be free of discharges, blinking, swelling or pawing at eyes.

Source: deviantart

4. Healthy dogs holds their heads high and free to move. No hunching, limping, stiff on the legs or rigid.

Source: britannica

5. Healthy gums are pink with  no foul odors or swelling.

Source: lifewithdogs

6. Dog’s ribs should be easily to feel under a thin layer of fat.

Source: mnn

7. Holding or moving the tail oddily can indicate pain or other problems.

Source: petwave

Were all these signs present in your dog? If yes, then your dog is definitely healthy!

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