7 Reasons Why Guys With Dogs Are Better Boyfriends

Guys with dogs make better boyfriends.  Girls, agree or not?

So guys, if you are a dog lover – well hot dog, you’re in luck!  Here are 7 hot reasons why guys with dogs make better boyfie and hubby material!

1. They understand loyalty. They aren’t likely to stray. They appreciate their family and what they have.

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2. They know how to schedule. They’ve got a dog, and they know that when a dog has to pee, it’s gotta pee. And they’ll never miss a single visit to the vet for their dog’s vaccination.

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3. They talk dog. They won’t think you’re weird when you’re on the floor with your dog rolling around and making weird noises. There’s a big chance they will join in. HAHA!

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4. They’ll stand by you.  Whether your dog is sick, injured or just experiencing behavioural problems – they’ll come to the vet with you, help you research and do everything to make things OK.

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5. Your dog and her dog can be friends. Dates can be like never ending doggie playdates, you guys get to hang out and your dogs do too.  It’s a double date!

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6. They’ll love your dog too. You won’t have to worry whether or not he’ll think your dog is cute – he’ll adore him, because hey, he’s a dog person too.

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7. They make better dads. Years of looking after their dog has prepared them for fatherhood and responsibility.  That is so HOT.

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