7 Reasons Why Your Dog is the Perfect Wingman to Be

Finding that special someone is hard. There’s an endless stream of matches and a barrage of people to see through. But the search is far less treacherous when you got a wingman right beside you. And who could be the perfect wingman for a dude (dudette)  than your pooch who tirelessly follows you? Here are 7 reasons why you dog is the perfect wingman to be.

1. Having a dog is a certified chick magnet. Who could resist the hypnotizing eyes of a dog?

2. A bro might steal your lady friend ( ah.. hook up culture.) But your dog never will.

Source: barnorama

3. Lets you meet a fellow dog lover for an instant connection.

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4. Always got your back.. always.

Source: pinkbluelovescute

5. They can eliminate the unworthy ones aka cat lovers (ugh).

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6. They are easier to keep than having a 6-pack abs.

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7. And when someone broke your heart, they are always there to pick up the pieces.

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