7 Senior Dogs Trying To Get Your Attention

Who said that fun and games are only for the young?!  Just so you know, old dogs can sometimes be the naughtiest too!  Watch these 7 senior dogs who are stealing the puppies’ show for attention.

1. “Oh and ummm uhh.. I forgot what happens next.”

Source: dumpaday

2. “Being grumpy and old can be a great help especially to strangers”

Source: jokideo

3. “Old dogs are warmer than puppies and its best for cuddles!”

Source: pinterest

4. ” There’s no difference in the looks. Maybe just a little in the hair color!”

Source: stoneartusa

5. “We have a lot of experience already!”

Source: slimdoggy

6. “Old dogs have bigger hearts!”

Source: pinterest

7. “I understand what patience means!”

Source: endlessdogs

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