7 Signs Of IVDD in Dogs

Intervertebral Disc Disease or IVDD is a  very common condition in dogs, especially in Dachshunds.  This can cause serious pain that can be of prolonged duration and may lead to severe damage to the spine and paralysis. If you suspect at least one of these signs,  immediately crate your dog and seek veterinary care.

1. Reluctance or inability to move, including tail.

Source: alettertomydog

2. Pain when moving.

Source: 123rf

3. Difficulty moving and jumping.

Source: thoughtcatalog

4. Slowed movement.

Source: cubiclerebel

5. Crying or shaking due to pain.  

Source: spabetie

6. Difficulty with bowel and bladder control. 

Source: dogsonline

7. Hunched back posture. 

Source: suite

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