7 Signs Of Overheating In Dogs [OH NO]

Heatstroke is the ultimate and often deadly result of overheating that is caused by a dangerous elevation in a dog’s body temperature. While it most often occurs to dogs left in cars during the summer months, it can also happen in late spring and the first weeks of summer if a pet is exposed to high temperatures before he or she has acclimated to the heat.

Symptoms of overheating include:

1. Heavy panting or rapid breathing

Source: vetstreet

2. Excessive thirst

Source: dailydachshunddognews

3. Bright or dark red tongue and gums

Source: naturallyhealthydogs

4. Staggering or stumbling

Source: beesferryvet

5. Weakness

Source: healthypets

6. Excessive drooling

Source: uncontrollabledog

7. Unconsciousness

Source: purebreedbreeders

If you see these signs, please immediately remove them from the heat source, get them a bowl of water and take them to the vet!

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