7 Signs To Know That Your Dog Is Bored

While some dog’s emotion are hard to pinpoint, boredom is one of the most easily displayed by dogs. Know these signs and that means you need to do something. And also, these signs may also indicate other problems like stress or separation-anxiety.

1. Destruction Behavior – Is your dog on destroying your things at home? He may be bored. Too much energy plus less outlet is equals to a chew fest.

Source: everyonelovesdachshunds

2. Digging – If you have a big backyard and your dog digs a lot, they may be bored. Digging is a great self-rewarding behavior and is a great energy releaser.

Source: vetstreet

3. Tail Chaising – Though there are other reasons dogs may do this obsessive behavior, pent-up energy can be one of them.

Source: cuteoverload

4. Biting – Is your dog following you around, biting your clothes, ankles, anything he can reach? This puppish-behavior could be a sign he has nothing to do with all that energy he has.

Source: leeburg

5. Whining – While apparently random whining can be caused by stress, it can also be caused by boredom.

Source: rosevetblogspot

6. Pacing – Is your dog pacing your floor and won’t sit still? He is probably bored and is looking for something to do.

Source: thenest

7. Excessive Licking – Some dogs, if bored enough, may over-groom or chew on their paws just for something to do. This could also be a sign of an allergy, so be sure to talk to your vet. Some dog’s may lick you over and over too.

Source: eask

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