7 Signs You Treat Your Dog As Your First-Born

Treating your dog as one of your own flesh and blood is a true manifestation of your Kind Soul.   According to a Marxist philosophy on Being Human,

“. . . we are connected with nature by “blood” ties and we cannot live outside nature.” 

Here are the different signs and know if you’re one of them True Humans!

1. They deserve all the best, so you buy a bed that’s so soft as a cloud.

Source: huffingtonpost

2. You’re giving them all organic foods.

Source: petsitterpatrol

3. You can’t help dressing your pet up even though they hate it.

Source: theresamixednuts

4. Spend much on professional photographer for a fancy photo shoot.

Source: magazineco

5. You document each and every milestone.


Source: vonevmanrottweilers

6. Your dog celebrates birthday every year!

Source: darngoodfarm

7. You can’t bear to go on a vacation without your pet.


Source: sheknows

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