7 Stages Dogs Go Through During Their Walk

Walk can be very exciting for our dogs. But it’s not just that. Dogs can have different kinds of emotions they undergo. Know what are these and that we may understand more about them.

1. Announcement. From the moment you said the word “Walk”. It will immediately process in their mind the sense of excitement.

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2. Confirmation. Seeing you with the leash in your hand, your dog has the confirmation needed to temporarily ditch the chew toy and get himself ready.

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3. Sheer Chaos. Running, jumping, licking, and barking – all that reaction but still cannot quite match the level of excitement your dog is experiencing.

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4. Ready to go. Finally, after your dog getting prep up, attach a leash and  you’re ready to head out!

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5. Heightened Curiosity – Smell, Sniff & Explore.  Birds, neighbors, rocks, and cars are just a few of the endless possible things that will entice your dog to smell, sniff, and, if left alone, explore for hours.

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6. Pee, Poop & Scoop. After marking and finding their territories as part of their duties being a dog. It is also your responsibility to go after the mess. LOL!

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7. The Return. The second you and your dog turn back home is the moment they start counting down until the next walk. They’ll keep a watchful eye on the front door awaiting their next outing.

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