7 Stages of a Growing Labrador Pup (Amazing!)

From 0-18 months of your Lab pup will be filled with so much changes, progress and developments.  Watching and learning with them while they grow each and everyday will be so much exciting and fulfilling in the part of a dog parent!

1. Neo-Natal Stage (0-2 weeks) – a puppy is born. The sense of touch and taste is first to develop at birth.


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2. Transitional Stage (2-4 weeks) – The eyes and ears are opened.  Puppy stands and starts walking.

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3.  1st Socialization Stage (4-8 weeks) –  They are becoming more aware of surroundings and human interactions.

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4. 2nd Socialization Stage (8-12 weeks) –  They are now able to leave his/her mother and can start a new life with a new family. Puppy is also developing a sense of self and will start responding to his/her name. They will also begin experiencing fear of loud noises and scary situations.

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5. Ranking Stage (3-6 months) – The Labrador puppy will be forming either a dominant or a submissive behavior. They will also establish a place in your pack. Teething will also occur.

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6. Early Adolescent Stage (6-12 months) –  This stage is mostly influenced by human interaction so keep up a regular training regimen. In this stage, like a human teenager, a puppy will start to act out and test his/her boundaries.

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7. Late Adolescent Stage (12-18 months) – your lab pup is almost fully developed physically, but mentally he/she is still very much a puppy. Keep up training activities and give your pup more difficult tasks and commands.


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You’ll be shocked how your once shy Labrador puppy is now suddenly a confident adult dog!  They have such fast developments, it’s truly AMAZING.

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