7 Things Dogs Don’t Understand About Humans

It is a fact that dogs and human have its own differences. We humans wonder why dog do these and why dogs do that. Now let’s go on a vice versa and let’s find out what are the things dogs don’t understand about being human!

1. Why do you collect our poop in a bag?

“I think you have a collection of all our poop somewhere.”

Source: celebritydachshund

2. Why are you worrying about getting fat?

“So you get to eat all the food, and get really big? How is that not awesome!”

Source: youtube

3. Why do you bath regularly?

“In fact why do you take a bath at all?”

Source: flickr

4. Why aren’t you sniffing each others butts?

“You never do this. You’re missing out on some interesting information!”

Source: mccanndogs

5. How can you throw away food?

“Like, you just put that in the garbage? Why? Why would you do that? It’s FOOD.”

Source: wallpaperhd

6. Why aren’t you outside wandering around?

“You can go anywhere, but you just sit there. Go outside and wander for days!”

Source: pixgood

7. Why are you not buying and eating all the food?

“You have access to all the food ever. Why are you not eating everything all the time?”

Source: pixshark

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