7 Things You and Your Dog Can Do on a Rainy Day

Summer is almost over and the cold days are just about to get started, so gone are the days where we can just linger around with your dog in the yard or walk it through the neighborhood. But instead on sipping tea and watching T.V., here we present activities to do during the rainy days that you and your dog can enjoy.

1. Stage a photoshoot with your dog at home.

2. Run the stairway dash.

Source: dogs.about

3. Teach your dog to clean up the house.

Source: dogster

4. Stage the most epic game of tug of war with your dog. This doesn’t require much space. It’s even a good bonding moment for the both of you.

Source: kurgoblog

5. Brush up on old tricks, or better yet learn new ones. Gone are the days where you can only command sit.

6. Stage a treasure hunt with treats, create a scent trail, and let the hunt begin.

7. Be a potato. Let’s face it, cold weather is lazy weather might as well enjoy every bit of it right?!

Source: rottweilerhq