7 Training Tips All Puppies Should Go Through!

Dogs are generally loyal and loving to their hooman families.  They can be good guard dogs and family dogs. But before they can be like that, puppies need to go through training for them to be a better dog for the family as they grow up.

Here are 7 Training Tips your puppy should go through!  Featuring the German Shepherd breed!

1. Socialize Your Puppy. Puppies are very active you need to socialize them as outlet of their energy.

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2. Teach your puppy bite inhibition. Provide dog toys especially during teething times of your puppy.

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3. Potty Train with positive methods. Have an exact time frame for potty training and always give reward or treat every after successful potty train.


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4. Don’t be afraid to use food rewards. Food treats are a very good motivation for every successful training.

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5. Train your pup in many different places. Socialize your puppy to them to meet different kinds of people to reduce their anxiety.

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6. Don’t believe in dominance theory just be a good leader. Dogs are really dominant in nature. Don’t let them control you nor you control them. Instead, show them how its done and give them reward.

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7. Reward good behavior. Treats for every successful training will keep them in mind that they have done something good.

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