7 Ways To Enhance Your Senior Dog’s Quality Of Life

Helping our senior dog achieve the best quality of life they could ever live is the best gift we can give to our best four-legged friends. These are the simple ways how:

1. Treat-dispensers and puzzle toys provide fun and mental stimulation.

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2. Walks instead of jogs. Tug games instead of chase games

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3. Ramps so he can still get into the car or up on the bed or his favorite chair.

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4. When you talk to your dog, keep your voice quiet, calm and kind. No shouting.

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5. Keep your dog at a healthy size. Overweight dogs are at significant increased risk for disease as they age.

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6. Maintain your dog’s dental health.

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7. Feed an anti-inflammatory, nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate diet, which is the foundation of good health and a long life for pets of any age.

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