7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe At The Beach

Going outdoors and playing with your dogs start during Spring time. And going to the beach is one of the best location where you and your dog can enjoy. But let’s not forget the dangers lurking at the beach for our dogs. Let’s be aware of these and prevent dog injury so that you can have the best beach moment with your dog!

1. Calm water is the best. Surf boards, jet skies, and big waves can frighten your dog. Find a quiet place to play with your pup or locate a local dog beach where surfing and boating are not allowed.

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2. Drinking water is a bad idea. Pack a plenty of water to keep your dog hydrated.

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3. Not all dogs can swim. certain breeds like corgis and pugs don’t swim at all. Never throw your dog in the water and expect him to swim.

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4. Running on sand is strenuous, so don’t expect your dog to be able to fetch as long as he might at the dog park.

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5. Beware of the submerged dangers. Sharp rocks, shells, corals and jellyfish can injure your dog.

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6. Get a sun screen formulated for dogs and apply it to your dog’s nose and ears 30 minutes before hitting the beach.

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7. Rinse thoroughly. When you’re done playing, take time to rinse salt, sand and microscopic organisms form your dog’s coat. Also, be sure to dry your dog’s ears as moisture in the ear canal can cause ear infections.

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