7 Weird Misconception About Dogs

We have been told a lot of wrong things about dogs that for longest times we believed were true. Yet there are still more misconceptions that still need to be debunked. Know these and be an open-minded dog owner.

1. A dog licking his wounds heals them. Too much licking on an open wound can eventually lead to hot spot.

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2. They can eat leftover dinner bones. Leftover bones can cause injury to dog’s teeth and intestines, leading to infections.

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3. A wagging tail means they are happy. There a number of ways a wagging tail means. While it indicates happiness, it may also mean aggression or anxiety.

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4. Dogs eat grass when they are sick. Grass can be a normal part of a wild dog’s diet and, while it’s normal for dogs to eat small amounts, you should always check with your vet if you think your dog may be ill.

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5. All small dogs love to be dressed up. It’s not about dog’s breed or size but it’s always dog’s preference if they want to be dressed.

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6. You need to take dogs to the groomer. Some breeds need regular visits to the groomer, but some might just need a nail clipping every once in a while. Learning how to do it on your own could save you bones, but you should always take your dog’s lead.


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7. Dogs need to be professionally trained. If your dog doesn’t have any behavioral issues that may put him or anyone else in danger, you can train your dog by utilizing apps, video tutorials, and other online resources.

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