8 Adorable Photos of Dogs Enjoying The Water

It’s a common belief that a dog is like oil to water, they just don’t mix; but that is not entirely the case for some. Though they generally hate the water, that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun; just like these what these dogs do.

1. The Dachshund on a sunny day and its aqua glove.

2. The Labrador says, “I must go to my planet.”

Source: pinterest

3. The Bulldog that’s just so happy to be at the beach.

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4. This German Shepherd with the discovery of the water fountain.

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5. This Golden Retriever who would stop at nothing just to get the ball.

Source: examiner

6. The Boxer dog that shows you how to make an underwater selfie.

Source: slappedham

7. The Rottweiler states that, “Rotti Rule#1: Thou shall not fart whilst swimming.”

Source: pinterest