8 Amazing Facts About Boxers That You Should Know

Read these eight amazing facts about boxers and you’ll definitely love them more.

1. Domineering, intelligent and difficult to manage. Typical boxer dogs aren’t considered as household pets. But don’t you love to have one like this at home?

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2. The name boxer is derived from the way it fights and the way it plays with its front paws.

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3. Boxer dogs have a very unique and protruding jaw line making for a very eccentric smile.

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4. Though boxer dogs have a very fierce nature, the contrary can be said to once he gets accustomed to his owners.

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5. Not just to kids, boxer dogs are also friendly to other household pets.

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6. A certain boxer dog holds a Guinness World Record for having the longest tongue in a dog. Brandy, owned by John Scheid of St. Clair Shores, Mich., had a 17-inch long tongue.

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7. Boxers are highly energetic breed of dogs and need as much as two hours of exercise daily.

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8. Though often considered to be a fighting dog, boxer dogs may be the most unconditional.

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