8 Amazing Traits Only Golden Retrievers Have

Beautiful, gorgeous, famous, and glamorous – these words best describe a Golden Retriever. Considered to be one of the most widely known dog breeds, almost all is known about this dog breed; but here is a list of traits that a Golden Retriever can only have.

1. They need constant exercise, so your imagination runs wild on thinking of ways to keep up.

2. As their name suggests, they were bred to retrieve so they’re extra fun in playing a game of fetch.

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3. They’re highly intelligent and can pull off the hipster glasses.

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4. They are the ultimate family dog.

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5. For they are lovers not fighters.

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6. Golden Retrievers possess this adorable set of eyes.

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7. And coupled with their smile, they definitely know how to use them.

8. Nobody is perfect but in the end you’ll definitely love them anyway.

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