8 Easy Ways To Stop Dogs’ Aggression

Aggression is the most common and most serious behavior problem in dogs. When faced with this problematic behavior with dogs, what should you do? Here are some important tips. 


1. Stay Calm. When your dog becomes aggressive, never get panicked since it only intensifies the aggression and makes it even worse.

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2. Block the Motivation of the Aggressive behavior. No talk, no touch, no eye contact with your dog.  Don’t have any kind of interaction that involves the  thing that causes aggression.

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3. Control Using Leash. Just go with the flow with a couple of pulls to control your dog movement. Allow your dog to explode to release his stress.

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4. Wait Until Your Dog is Calmer. Dogs can only feel tense for some time, you only need to wait until the aggression is over to approach your dog.

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5. Approach Your Dog.  Calmly approach your dog by your side so your dog won’t feel being challenged.


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6. Take your Dog Away. Remove your dog away from the motivation of the aggression.  Take this time to start working with your leadership over him/her.

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7. Be the Leader. Give your dog a lot of exercise, discipline and only give affection when he is calm. Earn the respect from your dog!

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8. Reintroduce. Rehabilitate your dog by Slowly reintroducing the motivation only when your dog is in calm and submissive state of mind.

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