8 Facts on the True Strength of a Dog’s Sense of Smell

Dogs use their nose to interpret the world around them.  Compared to humans who only have 5 million scent receptors, Dogs have hundreds of millions of them! Imagine the different scents they can gather!

source: kutyaparadicsom

Dachshunds have 125 million scent receptors on their noses.   WHOA! 

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German shepherds have 225 million!  Such POWER! 

source: petface

It has been estimated that  dogs can identify smells somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than nasally challenged humans can. Even dogs with flat or small noses can smell far better than humans. UHH-Mazing!

source: beresinvineyards

Dogs can not only not just registering a smell, they get an entire story!

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They can tell what a dog has eaten, where it has been, if they have recently given birth, or had a false pregnancy, and what mood they are in. They are reading stories, not just scents.

source: dogsinwinternyc

Dogs can even detect cancer in people.  Dogs are known to have warned people by sniffing them excessively and barking, thus warning them and saving their lives!

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Dogs are such beautiful creatures! 

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