8 Gross Dog Behaviors Explained

Wondering why your dog humps your leg? Or why they lick their privates? Here’s some explanation form the dogs themselves!


1.  “We like to smell other dog’s butts because we want to know them.  There is a gland secretion there that provides us all the information we need to know about our fellow pups.”

Source: barkpost


2.  “We eat our own vomit because we don’t want predators or other dogs to know we are sick. It might be because of evolutionary reasons, we just don’t know the specific reason.”

Source: quickmeme


3.  “We like to cover up where we’ve been by rolling in something stinky.”


4.  “The porcelain that makes up the toilet bowl keeps the water cooler, that’s why we like to drink from them.”

Source: cloudstar


5.  “We sometimes lick pee to taste the scent.  We have this organ called vomeronasal organ on the roof of our mouth that enables us to do so.”



6.  “We lick our private parts to keep it clean, but excessive licking means there is something wrong.”



7 .  “We eat our own poo because there is something lacking in our diet. Or we are just extremely bored cooped up in the house.”

Source: dogchannel


8.  “We hump people’s legs because we want to establish our dominance.”



“We hope these clarifies things.”


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