8 Hiccups That Senior-Dog Owners Understand

The wisdom and the skills only senior dogs possess are really amazing.  It a wonderful blessing and a unique experience to be with a senior dog – you can ask any senior dog owner about it!

But there are also glitches when it comes to being with a senior dog.  For owners with dogs that have yet to go through this stage, the following may help you get oriented:

1. Doggie water therapy and acupawncture appointments are part of your weekly routine.

Source: puppymatters

2. At this point, you know your dog has more wisdom than you’ll ever have. LOL! 

Source: becauo

3. Sometimes they need even more cuddles than they did when they were younger.

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4.  You’re pretty tired of explaining to people why you’re dog is in a stroller.

Source: barkpost

5. Your dog has learned to tolerate your fetish of dressing them up in random costumes.

Source: unboundmedia

6. They sleep even more now. This means you have the chance to take tons of adorable and cozy photos of your fido friend.

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7. You’ve given up on trying to get the scent of fart out of your home. Might as well embrace it.

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8. And they still have a time to goof around.


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