8 Labradors That Are Wiser Than Humans

An adult dog can have an IQ of a 2 years old and can understand more than 200 words. Amazing, right? But these Labrador Retrievers have very special skills that they became wiser than humans!  They can even outtrick us to their own advantage. HAHA! Find out how and why this intelligent creatures has captured our minds and souls…

1. Has dual purpose: Save space and promote heat. Too much intelligence!

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2. How did he know?

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3. It’s either too lazy or too intelligent.

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4. He has all his ways, so better give it up!

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5. That moment when you’re forced to tell a lie.

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6. You don’t have to get tired of feeding them.

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7. He can give you all the equation to get what he want.

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8. They know they get away from any punishment, so they can take the risk.

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